If you are having an emergency, please call 911 and proceed to the emergency room. Do not let the fear of cost stop you from seeking emergency medical treatment. Ask to apply for charity care from the hospital before you leave.

For an appointment with PWAFC, please call the correct appointment message line. For all other inquiries, please complete the form below. 
Prince William Area Free Clinic
13900 Church Hill Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191
United States of America
Clinic General Line: 703-499-9034
General Questions: 703-496-9831
Woodbridge/East County Appts: 703-496-9405
Manassas/Manassas Park/West County Appts: 703-496-9815
Spanish Language Line: 703-499-9191
Dental Clinic Line: 703-496-9818
Referral Line: 703-496-9817

Fax: 703-499-9240
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  1. How Do I Know If I Qualify To Become A Patient?
    You must be a Prince William county, Manassas, or Manassas Park resident, have a family income below 150% of FPL and be uninsured. Your eligibility is determined at the start of every visit. We cannot do eligibility over the phone. For more about documents to bring visit:
  2. I Need Immunizations, Where Can I Go?
    We only provide the flu shot. If you need immunizations or TB testing you must visit your local health department. Woodbridge: 703-792-7301 Manassas: 703-792-6301
  3. How Do I Make An Appointment?
    Please call the appropriate number (listed in the Contact area). You must leave a message with your name, number, and date of birth. If you do not pick up when we call you back you must leave another message. We receive hundreds of phone calls a day please bear with us as we return your call as fast as possible.
  4. I Am Pregnant, Where Can I Go?
    We do not have any OB or pregnancy services at the clinic and are unable to see pregnant patients. For care contact the Greater Prince William Health Center and if eligible try applying for Medicaid at the Department of Social Services GPWHC: 703-680-7950 DSS: 703-792-7500
  5. I Want To Help The PWAFC, How?
    There are multiple ways to help the PWAFC, inside and outside of the clinic, whether or not you are medical personnel. For volunteering opportunities please visit: For other opportunities please use the contact form to contact the clinic so that we can work together on any ideas.
  6. I Think I Have An STD, Where Can I Get Tested?
    STD testing and treatment is done through the Prince William Area Health District. Their STD clinic is anonymous. Please call your local office to make an appointment: Woodbridge: 703-792-7301 Manassas: 703-792-6301
  7. I Need A Preceptorship Can I Do It At The PWAFC?
    We only have student programs at the LPN and RN level through set schools. We do not have any preceptorships at the provider level. If you are looking for a preceptorship we recommend contacting the Greater Prince William Health Center, Sentara Hospital or Novant UVA Hospital.
  8. Do You Take Children As Patients At The Clinic?
    Yes! We see pediatric patients. Our Pediatrician is only in twice a month so please call to make an appointment with him. However, please note that we do not perform pediatric immunizations here. For an appointment please call: 703-496-9405
  9. What Days Are You Open?
    We are open Monday through Thursday. We do not see patients on Fridays or the weekends. We do not return calls or make appointments on Fridays or the weekends. For our complete schedule of hours and services please visit:
  10. I Am Having An Emergency. Help!
    Please call 9-1-1 or head straight to your local Emergency Department. We do not do Emergency care at the clinic. If you are worried about the cost to visit the Emergency Room apply for Charity Care before leaving the hospital after you have been cared for.