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Health Fair was a Huge Success.

Thanks to All Who Participated


The Prince William Area Free Clinic provides primary medical and adult dental care to indigent and uninsured residents of Manassas City, Manassas Park, and Prince William County.  It is a non-urgent clinic provided for persons who are in need of health care and are willing to follow treatment plans outlined by a physician or dentist.

The Free Clinic is staffed by area dentists and hygienists, physicians and nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy techs, patient educators, social workers, and other volunteers who give freely of their time to bring medical and dental services to patients.

Dear Ms. Franklin:

Hearty congratulations and heart-felt appreciation to you, Dr. Sinclair and your entire dedicated team at the Prince William Area Free Clinic who have all worked so long and so hard to create and now to operate the Unified Health Center. It is obviously as welcomed and exciting to each of you as it is to all of us, the patients who benefit in so many ways from your tireless efforts.

For the patients, it would have been worth those efforts if the only benefit had been the elimination of the need to queue up. As you were acutely aware, several hours before the clinic opened many of us would get into that line on the sidewalk next to the building. Ironically, the greater the urgency for medical care, the earlier it was necessary to arrive to increase one's changes of being seen by a healthcare provider. So, the sickest, the most incapacitated, those in the greatest pain spent the longest time standing in line; outdoors, in all weather: cold, heat, rain, snow or whatever. Some patients could not tolerate that wait and left, unseen and untreated. As much as you and your staff tried to make that aspect as acceptable as you could, nothing you were able to do to us then came close to what you have done with the opening of the Unified Health Center which has virtually eliminated that dreaded line. Had that been the only result of your tireless work we who have benefited so much would still be extremely grateful.

However, that has not been the only benefit, by far. Second to waiting in that line were the conditions in the waiting room. Although appreciated as better than standing outdoors, it quickly became over-crowded, noisy and even inefficient. Since the chairs were interlocked, the seating was quite cramped and had very limited legroom. Being confined in that close contact was much more conducive to contaminating than to curing. In contrast, the waiting room at the Unified Health Center is a spacious, calm quiet haven of healing.

That greatly improved waiting area for the patients and the increased workspace for the staff in addition to the far superior spaces for screening and examinations have clearly eased an immense amount of stress for the patients, staff, and the providers. The inherent improvements in the procedural flow, from beginning to end, must inevitably result in an ability to treat more patients in the same amount of time.

While the class size of the monthly Diabetic Education Classes had long ago outgrown the capacity of the class space, the new facilities meet the needs much better. Who can accurately estimate the number of trips to the Emergency Room spared those students because of the knowledge they gain by attending that training? In addition, each of them, like all of your patients, can be safe, healthier, more confident and simply happier every day of their lives.

At the new Unified Health Center, a powerful, overarching value of the entire experience is the restoration of dignity to the focal points of all the efforts the patient; the therapeutic value of that alone is priceless.

As the word spreads, and it will, about the new, improved facilities, the expanded hours and opportunities, the renewed spirit and the vital energy you have created, the satisfaction of serving with you and your team will appeal to more volunteers of all types: providers, specialist, and every day, decent, caring people. That will be a boon to you, your team, our entire community and most importantly, to your grateful patients.

With Warmest Regards,
Charles D. Wallace
Prince William Area Free Clinic Patient

We Need Your Help:

• You can make a monetary donation to the Prince William Area Free Clinic.

• You can donate prepaid $4 or $10 prescription cards from Wal-Mart or Target to assist our patients in need of life-sustaining medications.

• You can sign-up as a medical volunteer at the Unified Health Center at St Margarets.

We hope you will consider supporting the Prince William Area Free Clinic. To volunteer or make a donation, please contact us at 703-496-9403 or send your donation to:

   13900 Church Hill Drive
   Woodbridge, VA 22191

Thank You for Your Support,

Prince William Area Free Clinic

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...2013 Free Clinic Facts:

  • 15,041 Medical Visits
  • 240 Dental Visits
  • 20,193 Volunteer Hours
  • Over $1,165,863.60 in Donated Volunteer Services
  • Medications:
    --Free Clinc Pharmacy
  • Operating Budget of $542,960
  • Provided 26,902 Prescriptions
  • Served Patients who were 125% of Poverty Level
  • Provided Mental Health Services
  • 548 Specialty Referrals
  • 11,563 Labs & 1,866 X-ray services provided by Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center & Prince William Medical Center
  • Acute Diagnoses 4,634
  • Chronic Diagnoses 17,404
  • Diabetic Education Classes
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Flu Shots
  • Case Management
  • Cancer Screening Clinic for Women
  • Health Fair
  • Nutrition Classas